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Business 40 is Closing in Winston-Salem: Does Your Company Have a Plan?

The PARTnership program is a free full-service commuter resource perfect for employers impacted by the Business 40 Closure.

By working together, we can improve mobility for your employees during the construction. We’ll help identify alternatives to driving alone, market sustainable options, and report actionable results.

Whether it’s through our PART Express routes or a customized PARTnership Commuter Resources program, employees traveling in and out of this region will find their daily commutes more pleasant and productive.


In collaboration with your business, our toolbox of strategies will allow us to develop and implement programs and services that will address the challenges facing your employees and meet your company needs.

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Receive professional guidance on implementing no cost benefits to address the challenges during the Business 40 Closure. PART will work with you to develop a customized transportation options plan to reduce stress, minimize tardiness and keep your business moving. Sign up for the PART XPass Program.

Email PART today to discuss how we can help develop, implement and market a program at your company, agency or organization. View our full Business 40 page.

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