TouchPass is Now Umo


We're making the move! Starting May 1st PART Express will begin our transition from TouchPass to Umo. While some things will be different, so much will stay the same! Here's what you'll need to know:

Already using TouchPass?

  • Keep using your TouchPass Mobile App - but feel free to download the new Umo Mobility App. You'll use your TouchPass Username and Password to login.
  • Keep using your TouchPass Smartcard - It will continue to work on PART but now you can use it on GTA and HPTS too!

Why is PART changing from TouchPass to Umo?

  • TouchPass was purchased by a new company and is not only changing the name, but adding new and exciting features starting with the mobile app.

Are Greensboro Transit Agency (GTA) & High Point Transit (HPTS) using Umo?

  • Yes! Both GTA and HPTS are using Umo. 
  • You can use the same Mobile app or Smartcard to ride PART, GTA, and HPTS.
  • You must load a pass or Umo Cash for each agency that you ride. Example: If you ride all three systems, you have to load GTA Umo Cash, PART Umo Cash, and HPTS Umo Cash into your account. You can also add passes if you prefer.
  • Where can you load your Umo account?
    • PART: Mobile App, Online, or Coble Transportation Center (CTC) Ticket Window
    • GTA: Mobile App, Online, or J. Douglas Galyon Depot Customer Service Office
    • HPTS: Mobile App, Online, or High Point Transit Administrative Office

Do I have to change from the TouchPass Mobile App to the Umo Mobile App?

  • Not yet. The TouchPass Mobile App will continue working until December 2021. But we encourage you to download the new Umo Mobility App now. There's so many new features in the Umo App we don't want you to miss!
  • If you use the Umo App, you will also be able to load passes and Umo Cash for Greensboro Transit Agency (GTA) and High Point Transit System (HPTS).

How do I get the new Umo Mobile App?

  • Visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store to download the Umo Mobility App.
  • You cannot use both the Mobile App and Smartcard, you will be required to choose one method.

How do I login to the Umo App?

  • Use your TouchPass Username and Password to login.
  • Once you download the app, instead of entering your phone number, click the purple text to Register with your email or existing TouchPass card instead.
  • Don't remember your username or password? Call us at 336-883-7278 or email

Do I have to get a new Smartcard?

  • No. Your TouchPass Smartcard will continue to work on all PART Express buses. 
  • You can even load passes or Umo Cash to your TouchPass card for GTA or HPTS. Then tap and ride just like you do on PART.

If I ride GTA or HPTS do I have to get a Umo Smartcard from them?

  • No. You only need one Umo Smartcard to use all three systems. Just be sure to load a pass or Umo Cash for each system into your account.
  • You can even use your TouchPass card on GTA and HPTS!

Do I have to change the way I load my account?

  • No. You can keep loading your account through the Mobile App (TouchPass or Umo), online, or at our Coble Transportation Center (CTC).
  • Visit GTA's website or HPTS website for information on how to load your account in-person.