Mt Airy Service Suspended
Due to a severe accident on 52 Northbound Route 6 is unable to provide service to the Mt. Airy Park & Ride. The 4:15 and 5:10 buses leaving WS will stop service at the Pilot Mt Park & Ride until the accident cleared. Mt. Airy riders that choose to ride these buses will be asked to deboard at Pilot Mt and wait for the next bus that will be able to provide service to Mt. Airy or they can choose to wait in WS. PART will announce when service has reopened.

6:15 Northbound Service Delay
Due to a severe accident on 52, the Route 6 3:45 bus is delayed in Mt. Airy with no estimated time for return. This will create a major delay in the 6:15 departure from WS heading northbound to Surry. Other options include the 5:10pm or 7:05pm service.

Please monitor TransLoc for updates.

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