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Park & Ride Application for Parking Pass

  1. Please complete the following form to receive a PART Park and Ride parking pass. Once received by PART, your application will be processed within five to seven business days and a pass will be mailed to the address provided on your application. If we have any questions regarding the information on your registration you will be contacted using the phone number or email address listed below. In order to receive a parking pass, you must be a frequent PART Express rider with an active PART TouchPass Account. Your commute will also be verified to confirm eligibility.
  2. Parking Location:*
    Please select the parking location you are registering for?
  3. Please provide your TouchPass Account Number, TouchPass Username, or TouchPass email address. We will use this information to confirm you are an active PART Express Rider. In order to receive parking benefits, you must have an active 31-Day or 10-Ride pass loaded in your TouchPass account.
  4. Acknowledgment
    I acknowledge that this parking pass is being used by me solely for the purpose of using PART services. It is not transferable and is only valid for the vehicle indicated above. I will immediately notify PART in the event that my vehicle and/or contact information should change. I understand that parking in the lot is at my own risk and that PART is not responsible for theft, loss or damages to vehicles or contents. I understand that I am responsible for contacting PART regarding the renewal of my parking pass. I understand that violation of these terms may result in the forfeiture or deactivation of the parking pass and that those parking in the lot without displaying a valid pass will be subject to ticketing and/or towing at the owner’s expense.
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