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    Why Public Transit Benefits Everyone

    For people who have never utilized PART, or any other public transportation; they may struggle to recognize the benefits of a public transit system that doesn’t directly impact their lives. Read why public transit benefits everyone in our blog. Additional Info...
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    4 Ways TouchPass Makes Riding PART Easier

    Earlier this year, PART implemented TouchPass to make the commuting process easier and more convenient. Now, we’re taking a look at four of the ways this new electronic ticketing system makes riding PART a simpler experience. Additional Info...
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    7 Passenger Vanpools Available for Lease Today

    Sign up to join, start, or form a vanpool today. We will help you get started and give you all you need to get your vanpool on the road. Additional Info...
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    We're Hiring - Grants Accountant

    We're hiring a Grants Accountant! This position provides accounting and administrative support for the financial activity and reporting of all federal, state and local grants. Additional Info...
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    Stay connected!

    Get connected to PART through email, text alerts, and social media! Get notifications directly to your inbox. Additional Info...