Fares & Passes

Riding PART is easy with PART's Mobile and Smartcard ticketing from Umo

Breeze through your boarding and help us speed up getting you where you need to go. Never have to visit the ticket window again… download the Umo App on your smartphone or buy an Umo Smartcard

For a limited time, passengers who fully register their Umo Mobile App or Smartcard will receive a free ride!

When boarding a PART Express bus, you will need to have your Umo Mobile AppUmo Smartcard, or cash fare. The PART Express Farebox accepts cash and coins; please provide exact change if paying cash; we cannot provide change. See below for information about costs.

Transfers are free from one PART Bus to another PART Bus or Shuttle when you use the Umo Mobile and Smartcard system. Passengers who pay by cash will pay each time they board a PART Bus or Shuttle.

View the Umo page for more information.

Fare Chart 2-2022

Click here to order a replacement Smartcard

*Half Price for Seniors (60+), Disabled, Veterans, Students and Medicare Cardholders (See more information below on how to qualify).


Purchasing a pass is a quick and convenient way to save money while riding the bus! You can purchase PART Passes on your Umo Mobile App, your Umo Smartcard online account, or by loading your account at the Coble Transportation Center (CTC). Need a Smartcard? You can order your Smartcard online or visit the CTC to pick one up. If you visit the CTC to load your Smartcard, bring a credit card or cash, but we do not accept bills larger than $20. 

10 Ride Pass: Valid for 10 One-Way rides (including transfer) on any PART Express Route; does not have to be used consecutively. Get 10 Rides for the price of 8, savings of $5!

31-Day Pass: Valid for 31 consecutive days from the 1st date of use for unlimited rides on any PART Express Routes. Save an average of $25 per month if you are a daily rider!

Stored Value

Add money to your Umo account and spend as you go. You'll also be able to take advantage of the PART Rewards Program. Load $5 to $100 to your Umo account. 

PART Rewards Program

You can also save money while you ride with a save-as-you-ride system called PART Rewards! The Umo system counts how frequently you pay to ride and makes sure you never spend more than $5 per day or $80 per month. No need to track your trips, the technology will do that for you. Just make sure you register your Umo Mobile App or Smartcard! Learn more about the PART Rewards Program.

Discounts (Half Fare)

PART provides a half-price discount to Seniors (60 plus), Disabled, Students, Veterans, and Medicare Cardholders. To receive the discount, you must pre-register with PART. 

PART Fare Policy

View the PART Express Fare Policy (Nov 2020)