Qualify for Half Fare

PART provides a half-price discount to Seniors (60 plus), Disabled, Students, Veterans, and Medicare Cardholders.

  • Seniors: Age 60+ with proper identification (driver’s license, transit senior identification)
  • Disabled: With disabled identification issued from Triad transit agency (We do not accept GTA Disadvantage Pass)
  • Veterans Discount: With U.S. Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs retired identification card, county Issued Veteran identification card, or NC Driver License with “Veteran” label.
  • Medicare: With valid medicare identification or transit Issued medicare identification
  • Students: View information on how to receive half-fare as a student.

In order to get reduced fare when using Umo, you must be pre-registered in the system. It is easy to become registered for your discount, simply fill out this form or visit the Coble Transportation Center (CTC) ticket window and we will designate you as a discount fare passenger in the TouchPass system. You won’t need to show ID when boarding the bus. 

Passes purchased through Umo prior to half fare registration/designation will NOT be refunded.

Cash passengers will continue to be required to show proof of eligibility prior to riding at half fare.