What is a Umo Smartcard?

The Umo Smartcard is a credit card-sized piece of plastic that contains a computer chip and embedded antenna wire. The card connects to a Umo account that holds your PART passes, Stored Value, and transfers.

When you ride, you'll tap the Umo card against the Umo reader on the bus to pay your fare.

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1. What is a Umo Smartcard?
2. Why should I register my Umo Smartcard?
3. How do I register my Umo Smartcard?
4. Can I punch a hole in my Umo Smartcard so that I can attach it to my badge, belt, or purse?
5. How do I use my Umo Smartcard on the bus?
6. Does it matter which side of the Umo Smartcard I tap on the Umo Reader on the bus?
7. Where can I reload my Umo Smartcard?
8. What should I do if my Umo Card is lost or stolen?
9. Where can I get a Umo Smartcard?
10. I received a benefit code, how do I load it to my account?