How does vanpooling work?
  • A group of individuals decide to share the ride to work.
  • A primary driver and at least one backup driver are identified from the group. One individual can be the primary driver or all the individuals who qualify to drive can rotate - it's entirely up to your group.
  • A gas card is provided to each group to be used for fueling the vehicle.
  • Each month, the primary driver is responsible for collecting the vanpool riders monthly fare and submitting one payment to PART for the next month. (i.e. Individuals are collected August 1st and sent to part by August 7th for September's fare.)
  • Each month, the primary driver is required to complete and submit a Monthly Mileage and Expense Report including information about the vanpool group's monthly commute. The report is due by the 7th of the month reporting on the previous month's activities.
  • Members of the vanpool group are responsible for making sure the van is properly maintained. The group is eligible to take the van to a local/convenient maintenance facility for routine maintenance such as car washes, oil changes, tire rotations, wiper replacements, etc. Any major maintenance issues should be conveyed to PART to be addressed.

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1. What are the requirements for the PART Vanpool Program?
2. What does the vanpool fare include?
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4. How does vanpooling work?
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