What is the ExpressPass Transit Discount program?

The ExpressPass program is a special transit program offered to PARTnership members. The program is an easy way for employers to promote the use of public transportation by their employees.People boarding PART bus at station

In order to participate, your company must sign a formal agreement with PART. You will then issue the ExpressPass cards to employees that want to take transit to work. Employees swipe their ExpressPass in the fare box when they ride. PART will then invoice the company on a monthly basis based on the number of times your employees ride. Employers pay for their employees ExpressPass but unlike the employer purchasing a monthly fare card for its employees we only bill the company based on the number of trips taken by employees. As a bonus for being a member of the PARTnership you will also receive 25% off each ride your employees take!

Not sure your company can cover the costs? We can work with you to implement a Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits program that will allow employees to contribute to their monthly transit costs. For more information, email the PARTnership program or call us at 336-883-7278.

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