Route Planning & Analysis

PART's Planning Department plays an active role in the success of PART Express and PART's Vanpool program. These activities are completed in cooperation with PART's Marketing, Commuter Resources and Operations Departments.

The Planning Department:

  • Supplies data used by PART's Google Transit Feed, TransLoc, Remix and Automatic Passenger Counters (APCs).
  • Analyzes operational and ridership data from TransLoc and APCs.
  • Designs new routes and schedules.
  • Documents route analyses and Title VI impacts.
  • Maintains a bus stop inventory and manages the bus stop amenities program.
  • Assists with grant applications for bus purchases and service enhancements.
  • Visualizes data through maps and collects data graph related to demographics and employment used by Marketing and Commuter Resources Department.

The general flow of activities is illustrated below.


Example Route Planning in Remix

Screenshot of route of Greensboro

Route Analyses