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PART Online Smartcard Registration Form

  1. Use the following form to register to receive a PART Umo Smartcard. The reloadable Smartcard will be used to pay your fare when riding a the PART Express bus or shuttle.

    You can also get a Umo Smartcard from PART’s Coble Transportation Center.

    Replacement cards cost $5 with a $1 processing fee, make sure you register your card in the Umo system.

  2. *Note: Passengers can not use both the Smartcard and Mobile App. You must select one option.
  3. Is this your first card or replacement?*
  4. Is your mailing address the same as your home address?*
  5. Name
    PART Smartcard
  6. Price
  7. Thank you for registering. Your registration will take 5-7 days for processing.

    Once you receive your Umo Smartcard, you will need to visit to activate your Smartcard and create your account. Once you have created your account, you will be able to load your PART Express Pass or Stored Value to your account and you’ll be ready to ride!

    Questions? Contact us at or 336-883-7278.

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