XPass Program

Enjoy Discounted PART Rides Through Your Employer

PART’s XPass Employer Discount Program makes it even more attractive to ride PART Express. Not only can commuters sit back and ride instead of fighting traffic on their daily commute, but they can save an additional 30% on PART Express passes!

XPass Benefits

The XPass program provides exclusive discounts to employees working at businesses that are members of our PARTnership program. The best part is that enrollment by local businesses is free!

Triad XPass Program

The Triad XPass Program provides a 30% discount on the cost of PART bus passes to registered employees or participating employers. 

  • Triad XPass Users are eligible to receive bus passes for 31-Day ($56) and 10-Ride ($14)
  • Triad XPass Users will have the option to use Umo Mobile App or Smartcard System. XPass users receive a free Smartcard if they choose that option. ($5 Value)
  • Triad XPass Employers are located anywhere within the 10-County PART territory, and have registered with PART on the XPass Program.
  • Businesses MUST be enrolled as a PARTnership member in order for their employees to be eligible.
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Employee Registration
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More Information

For more information on the program, please contact and email a PARTnership Representative or call them at 336-883-7278.