XPass Employer Registration

At absolutely no cost to your business, PART’s XPass Employer Discount Program allows your employees to receive a discount on the cost of PART’s 31-Day and 10-Ride bus pass. 

Triad XPass 

This program is available to any employer located within PART’s 10-County service area. As a member of the Triad XPass program, your employees will receive a 30% discount.

Enrollment Overview

Enrollment is easy. On behalf of your organization, simply complete the form below to register your company. Once we receive your company’s registration, you will be contacted by a PART representative to finalize your organizations enrollment. It’s just that simple! View our list of XPass Employer Members to see if your company is already enrolled.

Enrollment Requirements

Employers enrolled in the XPass Employer Discount Program must:

  • Actively promote the XPass program to employees. PART will provide all the necessary marketing and promotional materials to support your onsite program. Staff is also available for onsite events and activities where we can sign employees up on the spot!
  • Assign an on-site contact person to serve as the liaison between your company and PART. This contact will verify work with PART to confirm employment for registrants. Once employment has been confirmed, PART will work directly with the employee to finalize their enrollment. 
  • Quarterly registration verification. The liaison will also be provided quarterly enrollment reports to verify registrants are still actively employed and eligible to continue receiving the discount.

Enroll Your Company

Use the employer enrollment form to enroll your company.

As soon as your company becomes an XPass Member, your employees can enroll to receive their benefit. Employee registration and enrollment takes three easy steps.